Posted on: June 17, 2009 2:36 pm
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City of Champions Once Again!

What a great time to live in Pittsburgh! It has been an awesome year to cheer for the Steelers and Penguins along with Pitt BB having another solid year!

I try to explain to my daughters (15 and 13) that this is a privlege to have two home town teams be Champions and be so young in key areas. There have been teams that have not sniffed a championship in my lifetime let alone theirs. We don't have to look very far to understand the other side with the Pirates... They are on the 19th rebuilding plan. I can only hope they are successful this time because some real talent has left the organization in the last two years. The Penguins had to hit bottom to rebuild, and they got it right because of strong leadership. The Steelers have strong leadership too. We are so fortunate to have two teams in a small market that win their league championship! Great drafting, smart decisions, strong leadership, and some luck have equaled an awesome year with potentially more to come. Shero, Colbert, Tomlin, and now Bylsma! Lemeiux and the Rooneys have done it the right way and that makes it all the better. You don't buy championships you earn them.

Respect the Rings!
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Posted on: May 14, 2009 10:49 am

What a series!

Props to the Capitals and Penquins that was an outstanding series. It had everything, star power on both sides, scoring, some bad blood, close games that could have went either way including three OT games. The argument of which player is better is really comparing apples and oranges, but it adds much debate in a world of Blogs and chat / message boards. I was impressed with both teams ability to bounce back on the shoulders of their superstars. You always knew Sid or Alex was going to do something and they didn't disappoint us fans. Both venues were fantastic to say the least! White and Red were the colors of choice of the fans while black and blue players battled until the end of almost every game leaving us on the edge of our seats. The scene at the end of game 7 was awesome. I give huge props to the Cap fans for supporting their team to the bitter end. The Caps players really seemed to appreciate the gesture. Here hoping we get similar results in the next series. Both in terms of the play and the result!

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Posted on: March 24, 2009 3:33 pm

Playoff's Look Promising for Pens

Being a Pens fan I did not agree with the coaching change when it happen. I was opposed because I felt as though the players were playing to have the coach fired because they didn't like him. With all of that said, that may be what happened but I would like to think there was more then the average fan was aware of. Bylsma has been incredible to say the least and the team responds to him.

There are three things that really turned this team in the right direction, the first was getting # 55 back in the line-up. He has been HUGE since his return. He is everything Ryan Whitney wasn't. The second had to be the coaching change that immediately added a jump to the players. Then there are the moves made by Shero, Whitney for Kunitz and a prospect looks like a steal early on and Kunitz has instantly added the grit the team was lacking. Next he got Guerin without a major mortage of the future (at the most a third round pick), and Adams for nothing off of the waiver wire. Those three players add Stanley Cup experience, hitting, a scoring touch to the team.

Am I ready to crown the Pens Stanley Cup Champions right now? No, but they are fun to watch and will be an opponent that no team wants to play in the first round. They have a hated rivalry with Washington and Philly and if they meet either it would be an entertaining series indeed. If Staal and Fleury keep playing good hockey the Pens will be a tough out...


Go Pens!

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